NERK/KIRN Release “Hugo” Music Video for Static Discos’ DIMENSION / Series

“Hugo” is the new music video from experimental techno duo Nerk/Kirn, released this week in conjunction with Static Discos‘ DIMENSION / Series.

DIMENSION brings together free mixes from around the global electronic scene. Curated by Oscar González and Mexico’s Static Discos label, it has featured stars from that label as well as artists like Juju & Jordash, Aurora Halal, Ben Vida, and others.

“Hugo” adds its own angle to this international tapestry with a trippy window into perception and the brain, animated from ephemeral footage from a 1958 film called “Gateways to the Mind,” made for AT&T. Through spinning patterns and lab experiments, the video sets Nerk/Kirn’s underground, afterhours-friendly techno to brightly-colored hallucinations. The video is the work of Peter Kirn, who applies years of VJ sensibility to the project (coming from venues like Eyewash in New York, LPM in Rome, B-Seite in Mannheim, and Patch in Krakow).

“Hugo” is one of two cuts from V-Records’ V020, Remnant Hugo, the debut EP from Nerk/Kirn. The release has seen DJ support from Noah Pred, Someone Else, Benoît Carretier, Electric Indigo, Rob Hall, Xpansul, Slam, Patrick Lindsey, Pig & Dan, DJ Fra, Alexi Delano, The Advent, and others.

V020: NERK/KIRN: Remnant Hugo


In their debut collaboration, Nerk and P. Kirn have created two tracks fed by the murky underground Berlin afterhours scene. Brimming with analog sound that’s been meticulously edited into digital compositions, call it IRM – intelligent rave music. Coupling two of Berlin’s best-known music technology writers, it has all the sonic effect you’d expect, but in sounds that are warm and dirty, dancefloor grooves with cinematic arrangements.”Hugo” is a nervously-energetic abstract dance opus, synthesized percussion ringing out above the thick drones of an MS-20. As it reaches full tilt, it clangs and buzzes gleefully before a surprising electronic glitch of an ending.”Remnant” begins with brooding, cavernous drum sounds, and stays shadowy throughout, while retaining the four-on-the-floor pulse. Just wait for those dark pads to swell into a more celebratory hybrid arpeggio, a crisp melody blending piano colors with a Juno-106.

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